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Volvo Alloy Wheels

Add a set of new alloy wheels to your Volvo and give your car a new and improved look. As alloy wheels are lighter in weight than standard wheels, they offer better steering and overall handling, faster performance when accelerating and more efficiency when braking – and importantly, lower fuel consumption; a key factor these days.

These top-quality wheels are made from extra-strong alloy and are very hardwearing. In addition to all the advantages including visual impact, new alloy wheels on your car also offer enhanced safety as they help to prevent brake fade, because of their better heat conduction and air flow design. Whether you drive an S60, a V70 or a new XC90, or any model in between, we can help. Please call us on 01268 560126 if you have any questions or require further information or wish to place an order. We will be delighted to assist.