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Saab Alloy Wheels

Many owners have a soft spot for their Saab and the various emblematic models manufactured during the company’s history. So, what better way to further enhance your Saab convertible, estate or hatchback than with a new set of alloy wheels from us at AutoPart? Many motorists know how good these wheels look, but the advantages of alloy wheels on your 9-3, 9-5, 900 or 9000 are not just aesthetic – there are also good safety reasons.

These lightweight wheels are made from extra strong metal alloy so will last for many years. Not as heavy as standard wheels, they give better acceleration and braking efficiency – as well as improving the car’s steering. These leading-edge technology wheels also help to avoid brake fade, sometimes caused by overheating under hard driving conditions. They also circulate air around the brakes effectively to keep them cool.

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