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The Royal Flush of Alloy Wheels- Infographic

Here at Autopart UK we love alloy wheels, and we also happen to love a game of poker, so what better than to combine the two within a great infographic which looks at some of the very best designs in The Royal Flush of Alloy Wheels?

Looking at alloy wheel designs from two of the leading brands in the industry, Lenso and Axe, we take you through what we believe to be the ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace of alloy wheels, and therefore your royal flush!

A short description encapsulates all that is good about each alloy wheel, with details on the available sizes alongside some of the key features you’ll benefit from in making an investment in that particular design. From stylish and versatile to lightweight and unique, these alloys really are leading the field and will undoubtedly enhance any car.

Take a closer look and see if you agree with our royal flush of alloy wheels!

Autopart Infographic

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