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Prestige Porsche Alloy Wheels

You have already discovered the performance and speed of Porsche, and just when you thought it was almost impossible to improve on its characteristic look, a set of our new super-strong alloy wheels comes along that will not only enhance your car’s fine appearance even further but also reward your driving experience with extra safety features.

This type of wheel is lighter in weight than a standard wheel, yet much more durable because they are manufactured from durable alloy metal with very high tensile strength. This gives immediate advantages in acceleration performance and shorter braking distance. Your car’s brakes also perform better, as excess heat is dissipated more efficiently by the alloy’s superior thermal conduction properties. Additionally, cool air is circulated better inside the wheel – avoiding the potential dangers of brake fade, which is experienced under arduous driving conditions.

For top-quality alloy wheels for your Porsche 911, Turbo or Carrera or other Porsche model, please call us on 01268 560126.