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Iconic Classic Cars As Seen On TV

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The thrill, the action, the popcorn chomping excitement as we see jaw-dropping stunts and action-filled car chases. This is our homage to some classic vehicles as seen on TV that are still popular even today.

To The Batmobile!

In 1966 atomic batteries were set to power and turbines to speed as the majestic Batmobile flew from the cave and straight into the fight. Encrusted with the Bat insignia, this particular vehicle is both unmistakable and unforgeable.

You Built A Time Machine….Out Of A DeLorean?

And what better car to build a time machine out of? This futuristic vehicle already had the necessary characteristics – we are just surprised that nobody thought to do it sooner. When the flux capacitor starts whirring, 88 miles per hour never looked so good.

We’ll Drive Home Backwards

If any car is a symbol of absolute freedom, this is it. Whether you drive it forwards, backwards or drag it sideways, she will still be the epitome of absolute beauty. We stand firm that this baby should never have come to such an unfortunate end.

It’s Now Or Never

For the car that truly has everything, look no further than our illustrious K.I.T.T. With a sassy know-how and an engine as good as gold, this side-kick very nearly stole the whole show. One thing is certain, she definitely stole our heart.

Let’s Get That Car!

Ok, this may be a recreation but it is still a classic at heart! The tale of the underdog rising to the top is one of the many reasons we love this film. Ultimately, without General Lee’s pedal to the metal, the gang would never have been able to stop the bad guys in time.

The Ultimate Showdown

With beauty and action galore, which of these vehicles fared better in terms of performance? Sadly Ferris’ Ferarri couldn’t be involved due to its tragic demise, and the Batmobile was nowhere to be seen, but the remaining cars took the ultimate test for movie brilliance: