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Alloy Wheels – Wheel Technology: Ref 275b

alloy wheels – Wheel Technology: Ref 275b

A major factor in ensuring vehicle safety and refinement is wheel technology and aftermarket alloy wheel suppliers like Autopart (Wheel & Tyre) Ltd to go great pains to ensure that their cast aluminum alloy wheels are produced to the highest possible standards.

The Lenso alloy wheel brand was a pioneer of light-alloy wheels, way back in the days when most sporty cars used spoked wheels, albeit, very attractive ones. According to one statistics, the world market for aftermarket alloy wheels is something like 110-million and many of these are snapped up by luxury car owners.

The largest Autopart is offering is 22-inches in diameter—not an uncommon size these days. alloy wheels have been getting larger year by year for over fifteen years now and that’s often why buyers look to aftermarket suppliers like Autopart, even though their new vehicle may have a pretty good set of alloy wheels in the first place. It’s usually a good bet to buy after market alloy wheels from a dealer such as Autopart as there can often be technical considerations dictating specific choices and fittings.

While looks and design are important factors when designing an alloy wheel, safety and performance must never be compromised. Autopart’s wheel designers work closely with the car industry chassis, body and suspension departments to ensure that everything functions in unison to the alloy wheels to give the best car dynamics.

alloy wheels quality control is a key and any flaws in concentricity would be evident at most speeds. Any balance problems would quickly become apparent at high speeds and the safety of the vehicle could be at risk.

Before releasing any alloy wheels to the market, Autopart puts them through rigorous safety and balance checks. Critical dimensions must be “spot on” and that includes bolt holes, hub diameters and mating surface. Of course, all wheels must be balanced after the tyre is fitted. Many tyres are made on computerized equipment these days, but they are still not as accurate as alloy wheels. Other tests deal with surface perfection, corrosion, paint (where paints are used) and scratch-resistance.

Materials are tested for strength and durability and X-ray examination makes sure there are no casting defects. Other alloy wheel tests include impact testing (such as hitting kerbs or running over obstacles.

Autopart also do tests on their alloy wheels to discover what pressures are placed on the wheel by a vehicle during fast cornering. Wheels are tested to destruction, this reportedly being the only way to really find out just how safe and durable they are.

alloy wheels have been around for many years and most people probably believe they’re just for show but this is just the start. alloy wheels reduce what automotive engineers call “unsprung weight” and their use has a beneficial effect on the cars dynamics. You may opt for alloy wheels when you buy a car to enhance styling, but they play a functional role too.

Autopart believes that its whole range is at the peak of alloy wheel technology and there’s no doubt that the range is impressive both in looks and performance. Other manufactures can talk about their alloy wheels but many have not reached Autopart’s levels of technological achievement. is a website dedicated to alloy wheels and tyre packages. If you’re looking for a quality alloy wheels, black, white or chrome, for your vehicle check out one of our dealers online shops. Working closely with our key dealers, offers a huge range of products. With over 50 years experience between our staff in the alloy wheels industry, rest assured you’ll be getting high quality alloy wheel products, speedy and spot-on delivery. To order or to find out more, contact one of our dealers or telephone: 01268 560126, alternatively you can email your us at:

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