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Alloy Wheels – Should you know the drill by now?

alloy wheels – Should you know the drill by now? Ref: Performance and Styling Retailer August 2007

Autopart invite P&S to their HQ to talk about custom drilling of alloy wheels and how you can benefit.

How often have you or a customer had problems getting alloy wheels to fit a car? Wrong offsets, wrong PCD, lack of brake caliper clearance or simply not being able to find an alloy wheel to fit in any way, shape or form. The likelihood is you’ve all experienced it. So it’s interesting to find out exactly what mass alloy wheel distributors Autopart can do to help you out.

Take a look at their catalogue of Lenso, Axe, Devil and Zinik wheels and Tony Stacey can tick off around 30 designs ready to be custom drilled to fit just about any car. They’re one of the few companies who use precision CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) machines to do this. Any alloy wheel with a centre cap covering the bolt pattern appears to be fair game in the Lenso range meaning you really have no excuse to be getting alloys on any customer’s car who asks for them.

With the CNC machines, Autopart can also fabricate spigot rings and spacers. Spacers can also be transformed into hub adaptors making it possible to get most alloy wheels on most cars. Obviously it’s not always 100 percent possible, but between the Autopart staff they’re more than able to figure out what can and can’t be done when people up with enquiries. Recent requests have included getting AMG alloy wheels onto a Mercedes Sprinter van and 22in alloy wheels on the back of a 1970′s VW camper! But if you fancied putting BMW alloy wheels on your Skyline, or Jap alloy wheels on your Escort then that can be done too as long as you’re happy having a minimum of a 30mm spacer.

While P&S was at their Wickford offices it’s clear the staff live and breathe alloy wheels. PCD numbers and offsets for most vehicles spill readily off their tongues and Tony took plenty of time to explain what can be done with their CNC machines. They won’t drill to any requirement, as they know what the tolerances of the alloy wheels are, but this mini-guide will give you an idea of how they can help.

  • Will drill from blank any PCD as long as the hub of the alloy wheel is not too small
  • Can adjust the offset before they drill
  • Open out the back bore of the wheel
  • Make wheel spacers to any size or design
  • Make centring rings in any size
  • Fabricate custom hub adaptors

Basically, if you need alloy wheels on a car and you’re not sure how to make it happen then Autopart can help. And if they say it can’t be done then the likelihood is, well, it can’t be done. Autopart believe they’re the only company in the Uk which owns a high tech CNC machine and they know how the service not only benefits themselves, but also their retailers and their retailers’ customers. If you want to find out more, then call Autopart on 01268 560126 or email