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  1. Lenso ES7 Carbon 7.5x18

    Lenso ES7 Carbon Polished Alloy Wheels

    7.5x18 Et45, also available in Black with a polished face or White Centre.
    Learn More
  2. Lenso ES6 Carbon

    Lenso ES6 Carbon Polished Alloy Wheels

    This wheel can be drilled from blank to suit most 5 stud fitments Learn More
  3. Lenso ES6 9.5x19 Concave Rear

    Lenso ES6 Carbon Polished Concave Alloy Wheels

    This wheel has concave shape designed to work with the 8.5x19 ES6 on the Front.

    The wheel can be drilled to suit most 5 stud fitments Learn More
  4. Valenza Como Carbon

    Valenza Como Carbon Alloy Wheels

    A very elegant design, Perfect fitment for Bentley Continental GT or GTC Learn More
  5. Lenso Samurai KRU Carbon Alloy Wheels

    Lenso Samurai KRU Carbon Alloy Wheels

    Also available in Matt Black Learn More

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Lenso alloy wheels add an extra touch of class to your car. This manufacturer uses leading-edge production machinery with Japanese and Italian technology to make these super-strong wheels, which are built to last. Production is subject to rigorous control standards and the company has won two prestigious quality awards. Apart from being lightweight (despite their strength) and consequently giving improved handling and performance, braking is also more efficient due to better heat conduction and air circulation.

A wide range of wheels is available including gold, silver, black, red, white, matt or polished chrome – and all in a range of styles to please any eye. You will see the extensive choice on offer below, along with pictures of each type to help you decide which will best suit your vehicle

If you would like more information, advice or wish to place an order, please call us today – we will be pleased to assist. 

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