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Autopart Exhibition 2008Step back sixteen years and Darren Stevens and Tony Stacey were busy using their experience and knowledge in the auto industry, successfully supplying Mercedes and BMW parts to anyone who needed them. One day a Mercedes owner asked if they could also supply a set of alloy wheels, and that simple request changed the aims of their business and the direction of their company began to move along a different path.

Travel back to the present day and Stevens and Stacey are leading trade suppliers of big brand alloy wheels including Lenso, Samurai and Alba to name a few.

One of the things that makes Autopart UK stand out in an increasingly competitive market is the fact that many of their alloy wheels are initially blank, with no bolt patterns. Equipped with their own CNC machines, the team at Autopart UK can drill custom patterns in any wheel with a centre cap as well as machining spaces and spigot rings where necessary.

The bespoke service they provide is ideal for those who are struggling to find alloys that fit a specific make and model of car, Darren and Tony can not only supply wheels that look great they can ensure they fit perfectly too.

Quality Assured Alloys

Many websites will use computer generated images, showing off their alloys on various models of car, however Autopart UK like to take an honest and straightforward approach in all areas of their business including the imagery. All the images you can see on the site are real alloys on real cars, physical photographs showcasing their products.

Alloy Wheel MontageDarren and Tony pride themselves on the honest and impartial advice and knowledge they impart on their customers, they believe in always giving people realistic timescales and will never tell someone a set of alloys will fit their car if they are not 100% sure themselves.

Calling Alloy Wheel Distributers

Autopart UK are always on the lookout for new distributors, offering quick turnarounds across the globe, in house custom drilling and an extensive range of wheels, the company has a lot to offer any prospective distributes looking for a reliable supplier.

The main goal for Darren and Tony is to sell their alloys, therefore they will do their utmost to help distributers in any way they can, providing their mobile phone numbers to dealers ensuring they are always available to offer their expert advice.

With a range of skills in house, Autopart UK will also design and print leaflets for dealers at very affordable prices as well as attending any dealer open days or car shows with their customised truck in tow.

To ensure that customers do go directly to the distributors, anyone ordering alloys from the site will be pointed in the direction of their nearest distributers. With this in mind, Darren and Tony make sure that prices between themselves and individual distributers don’t vary too much. They won’t allow distributers to apply huge discounts to their wheels and they’re also very strict with sales on eBay, only allowing listings to be set live with an agreed ‘Buy It Now’ price – this ensures a sustainable value price for the alloys.

If you’re interested in becoming a distributor for Autopart UK give them a call today on 01268 560 126 and they will send you an information pack with everything you need to make an informed decision.

With a massive range of wheels to fit almost any car, incredibly quick delivery times and first class advice and knowledge just a phone call away, Autopart UK are a very reliable supplier with an excellent reputation that spans across the country and overseas.

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